The following list of general guidelines we ask members to adhere to when they are posting on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instragram, or other type of medium with regards to Waffle House or the Waffle House Iowa Project.  These are not official as of yet but will be when our Constitution and Bylaws are complete.  If you are caught doing any of the following you may be asked to remove yourself from membership from the Waffle House Iowa Project.  Final judgment will rest with the executive committee.

  1. When posting, never ever use profanity, it does not help our agenda.
  2. Neither does hate speech, trolling, harassment, or any other mean spirited comments.
  3. Witty responses are ok, so long as they do not fall in the above rules.
  4. If you get a response from Waffle House, acknowledge it cordially and point out in some fashion you do this for Romulus… err the Waffle House Iowa Project.
  5. Many other people are unfortunate to live in states without a Waffle House, acknowledge them and invite them to join our cause.  Our long term goal is to get a Waffle House in 48 of the 57  states of the US.
  6. Politics and Waffle House do mix, Republicrats and Demacans enjoy Waffles, Grits, and Hash browns.
  7. Uhhh what was the one rule… oh yea if you post something before you go swimming; make sure you wait an hour if you have also eaten.
  8. Ok so maybe 6 and 7 are silly, but the general message is we don’t discriminate.  See rule two for more detail.
  9. If you are posting to the Waffle House page, ensure you tag them by using the @ before typing Waffle House.  Helmet stickers if you do this and tag the Waffle House Iowa Project.
  10. These rules are subject to change without notification, until the constitution and bylaws are done.
  11. Yes I know there are 50 states, but be prepared to get Waffle House into the extra seven if we ever annex Canada…
  12. If commenting on a charity event, try to encourage support of the event and recognize its good cause, then recognize that there is no Waffle House in Iowa.
  13. Waffle House is a registered trademark  WH Capital, L.L.C. and licensed to Waffle House, Inc.  Keep this in mind as they have not demanded that we cease and desist from using their name.  We wish to help them and us, so don’t do something stupid to ruin this.