Update (11/27/2014)

My Friends and fellow Waffle House Fans,

As we approach Thanksgiving, we felt it was time to give an update to each of you about what is going on in the world of a Waffle House-less Iowa. You probably have noticed a lack of activity on our Facebook page as well as our Twitter feed. You might have even noticed you cannot buy any of our shirts, magnets, and other fun items.

The long and short of it is, we had an infringement claim filed on our items because we did not have formal permission to utilize Waffle House’s logo as part of ours on these items. While the infringement claim was not made by our friends at Waffle House, we felt it was time to formally obtain Waffle House’s permission to continue our operations using their name and their logo as part of ours and to clear up this claim.

Waffle House has assured us that they love what we do, and want us to continue. They are willing to work with us so that we can avoid potential issues like this in the future.

While we work out the details with our friends, please continue to spread the word and share our Facebook and Twitter pages with everyone you know that would want a Waffle House in Iowa.

Travis Blubaugh