Update (1/10/2015)

My Friends and fellow Waffle House Fans,

In our previous update we let you know about why we have been a bit “quiet” on social media and the high level details of some legalities we were working out with Waffle House.

I am happy to announce that we have entered an agreement with Waffle House and their partners that gives us formal permission to utilize the Waffle House name and logo as part of ours.

So slowly we will be getting items that we once had for sale back up on a new Zazzle storefront, which will also be available on our webpage.

In the meantime, we are looking for some volunteers for the below areas:

  • We will be looking to grow our other social media networks, we would like to add someone who can help contribute overall to help grow each of our pages (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+).
  • We have a great idea for Instagram. We would need multiple people to help us out on this one, but you would get a Waffle House coffee mug for your troubles in addition to other items.
  • Anyone with legal experience to be our official General Counsel.
  • Someone to take on fundraising.
  • Many many more opportunities we haven’t even mentioned!

Finally, we will be having a trip to Kansas City with Simon Conway from 1040 WHO AM. More details on that coming in the near weeks!

Thank you all for your support, and continue to spread the word!!! #wafflehouseiniowa


Travis Blubaugh