Simon Conway Show (09/04/2015)

Simon Conway (Simon’s Twitter (@simonradio1776) | Simon’s Facebook Page | Simon’s Blog), morning talk show host on 600 WMT AM in Cedar Rapids and afternoon drive talk radio show host on 1040 WHO Radio in Des Moines. Simon originally got the Governor to commit on air that he would reach out to Waffle House.  Some time passed and Simon had the Governor on again, at which point Simon called him out again on it. After this we were contacted by the Governor’s staff for some reasons why we wanted Waffle House in Iowa.  We provided them to the Governor’s staff. The results are below.

The first half hour is solidly about Waffle House and our President called into Simon’s show, audio starts at 15:18 minutes.


brandstadLettertoWaho bradletter whbrandtag 09082015-WaHoLetter
Governor Brandstad’s Letter Waffle House’s Response Governor’s Name Badge Our Response



(Audio courtesy of 1040 AM WHO, Des Moines, IA)