Waffle House Challenge (06/01/2011)


Waffle House Inc.
Attn: KT
5986 Financial Drive
Norcross, GA. 30071
(770) 729-5700

Dear Waffle House (KT),

We are writing to you to propose a fun challenge to a very serious topic. As
you may or may not know our primary goal here at the Waffle House Iowa Project
is to have a Waffle House unit within the borders of the great state of Iowa.
Additionally we aim to help promote Waffle House in a positive manner and help
other states that desire a Waffle House as well.

Here is our challenge. Start to build a Waffle House unit in the Des Moines metropolitan
area prior to 9/24/2011 and our president, Travis Blubaugh will name his next
child (that is due in September), Thomas (Tom) Joseph (Joe) Blubaugh or Alice
Lucy Blubaugh. Should this challenge be ignored, or accepted and not met, the
newborn will be named a previously selected name. If no response is received
from Waffle House with regards to this challenge by 9/1/2011 we will assume
that Waffle House is not up to the challenge at this time and create a new one
for later.

We feel that this challenge is a great public relations opportunity for
Waffle House and a great way to enter Iowa. If there are any questions, please
feel free to email us at wafflehouseia@gmail.com.

Thank you kindly for your time, and remember. Iowa is the “Fields of


The Members of the Waffle House Iowa Project

Submitted by: Travis Blubaugh, President and acting secretary.