Simon Conway (06/13/2014)


Simon Conway
2141 Grand Ave
Des Moines, IA 50312

Dear Simon,

I want to personally thank you for calling up Waffle House and putting them on the air to answer some tough questions. I’d also like to thank for your allowing me to call in, even though I was completely unprepared and caught off guard (my own fault). Our group also wants to thank you for plugging our website on air, and bringing the topic up to the Governor. We intend to follow up with him later.

As tokens of our appreciation, we have included a shirt sized for you and one of our magnets Waffle House liked. Since I am also am a frequent listener, I wanted to get you something beyond the normal “Swag.” In this case, I felt it more appropriate to get Reagan on board the #wafflehouseiniowa campaign. Please find enclosed a custom collar for Reagan.

Best regards and #wafflehouseiniowa!

Travis Blubaugh

* If you like these and wish to order more you may do so from our page ( and clicking on the shop link or you can go to and search for Waffle House Iowa.