Good Bull Hunting (05/02/2014)


Waffle House Iowa Project
1921 Tama St
Boone, IA 50036

Good Bull Hunting
P.O. Box 8200006
Houston, TX 77282

Dear Friends,

As founder and president of the Waffle House Iowa Project, I am proclaiming that we of course support your efforts to get Waffle House in College Station! Just as we support Waffle House coming to other states including ours.

We do feel it is incredibly cruel (yet mildly funny) that you were victim to an April fool’s Joke from our friends at Waffle House. As a token of our group’s goodwill, and thanks for the fun Twitter war, please enjoy the enclosed new shirt and magnet. We hope that these help ease the pain a bit and remind you that Iowa also, is suffering too.

Best regards and #WafflesforAgs… err #wafflehouseiniowa!

Travis Blubaugh