For the Win (06/14/2011)

We all know that a Waffle House in Iowa would be a win for both Iowans and Waffle House, but who says we can’t win other stuff along the way?

So by special order of the President, the 500’th member will win a the first Waffle House Iowa Project Prize Pack (WHIP PP (no pun intended)). This prize pack will include a shirt of your size and two bumper stickers!

Now I know what you’re thinking, what about all the current members and the folks who join up to 500. Well everyone who is a member now and everyone who joins will be entered to win one of two additional Prize Pack’s!

To recap, three of our members will get a shirt and two bumper stickers. Not too shabby!
Guidelines of this “gimmick”

  • Drawing if possible will be filmed (not streamed) and posted.
  • Winners will be announced on our page.
  • Winners will need to contact us at to specify size of shirt and shipping address.
  • Winners must claim within seven (7) days from the announcement of winning.
  • If for some weird, but awesome reason Waffle House comes to Iowa prior us getting 500 members, Sorry Charlie but Mission Accomplished!

Uber thanks to our VP Kimberly Meyer, who also is our creative director!
Warmest Regards,
Travis Blubaugh
President of the Waffle House Iowa Project