About Us

What we’re About

We are a group of Iowans who aspire to get a Waffle House in Iowa through whatever positive means possible. For those who live in or around Iowa and would love to have a Waffle House within the state of Iowa and are prepared to roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to help get one in Iowa. Once we achieve this great feat, we will help other states less fortunate! Waffle House has their Regulars, we are the irregulars… until we accomplish our mission!

Mission Statement

The objective of the organization is to help Waffle House, Inc (WH Capital LLC) dba “Waffle House” enter new markets and territories to serve new patrons and customers.  This objective is specifically aimed towards Waffle House’s entry into the Iowa market, but we will help other causes related to Waffle House.

Why we want Waffle House in Iowa

Personal opinions aside, we have a few good reasons why we believe Waffle House would thrive in Iowa.

  • It provides Iowans with a service that is not readily available. Currently in Iowa, there are a handful of places that offer full meal service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Waffle House provides full menu service at all hours.  You want breakfast at 2PM, done! You want a patty melt at 5:30 AM, no problem!
  • It drives our economy. Iowa is one of our nations top producing states for pork products and eggs. Many times, we are leading the pack. Waffle House touts itself as serving 341 strips of bacon, 110 sausage patties, and 347 eggs a minute. No doubt Iowa keeps Waffle House in business. If they were in our state, not only would we get a return on these items we produce, but it keeps money in our state. Especially since Iowan’s will not have to travel to neighboring Missouri to visit the nearest one!
    • Iowa has the perfect landscape for the Waffle House model.  With three interstates, two of which (80 and 35) are major corridors intersecting at a major population base (Des Moines). It makes perfect sense for Waffle House to set up shop in this area.
    • It will create jobs. The average Waffle House employees 15-25. Assuming that Waffle House was to see Iowa for what it is and open ten units across Iowa, this creates roughly 200 permanent jobs. This does not include the workers and contractors what would be employed during the duration of the construction of each unit.
  • Waffle House gains new long term customers everyday. Most Waffle House staff know customers by first name, and know what they are going to order and put in the order when they see the customer hit the parking lot. How is that for Iowa nice!

Who we Are

  • Executive Committee
    • Travis Blubaugh – President (someday[at]wafflehouseiowa[dot]org)
    • Kimberly Meyer – Vice President (veep[at]wafflehouseiowa[dot]org)
    • Jim Stoddard – Treasurer (money[at]wafflehouseiowa[dot]org)
    • Vacant – Secretary
    • Vacant – Sgt at Arms
  • Committee Chairs
    • Creative Director – Kimberly Meyer  (aka Chair of Marketing/Advertising)
    • Fundraising –  (Co-Chairs)
      • Wayne Blubaugh
      • Ronda Blubaugh
    • Nominations – Vacant (election time only)
    • Membership – Vacant
    • Western Iowa (Co-Chairs)
      • Jim Stoddard
      • Johnny Brown
    • Central Iowa – (Co-Chairs)
      • Mike Frohwein
      • Tyler Blubaugh
    • Eastern Iowa (Co-Chairs)
      • Lucas Pelfrey
      • Vacant
    • Official DJ – Whitey Phresh
    • CIO/What If’s (Brainstorming) – Heath Meyer
    • RAGBRAI – Steve Kohl
    • Social Media – Travis Blubaugh
    • Webmasters (Co-Chairs)
      • Travis Blubaugh
      • Kimberly Meyer